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RS-232 to RS-485/422 High powered with PhotoElectronic isolation UT-2016

1.   Standard RS-232C and RS485/RS-422 EIA/TIA 
2.   Electric interface: DB9 female connector for RS-232 interface input end, RJ-45 and 4PIN connector for RS-422/RS-485 interface 
       output end. 
3.   Protection grade: +/-15KV ESD protection for RS-232 interface and 600W surge protection each line for RS-422 and RS-485 
4.   Isolation degree: isolation voltage 2500Vrms 500DC non-stop. 
5.   Operation mode: asynchronous half duplex or asynchronous full duplex. 
6.   Signal indication: 3 pilot lamps for Power (PWR), Send (TXD) and Receive (RXD). 
7.   Transmission media: STP/UTP 8. Transmission rate: 115.2K BPS to 300M, 38.4K BPS to 2.4KM and 9,600 BPS to 5KM. 
9.   Dimensions: 93mm×74mm×22mm. 
10.  Working circumstance: -40℃to 85℃, relative humidity 5%-95%. 
11.  Transmission distance: 0-1,200meters (115,200bps-9,600bps).

Download datasheet: UT-2016

Download Hướng Dẫn: UT-2016

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