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Bộ Chuyển Đổi USB Sang RS232 UT-8801

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  With rapid development of computer industry, USB is taking the place of various kinds of traditional low speed peripheral interfaces. However, RS-232 interface designs are still used in many of the important facilities under current industrial environment,therefore, converter is used by many users to implement the data transmission from USB of a computer to RS-232 equipments.

Bộ Chuyển Đổi USB sang RS232 UTEK (UT-8801) C-LINK Phân Phối

Bộ Chuyển Đổi USB sang RS232 UTEK (UT-8801) C-LINK Phân Phối

    UT-8801 is a universal USB/RS-232 interface converter. No external power supply needed. Compatible with USB and RS-232 standards, UT-8801 is capable to perform the conversion from single-ended USB signal into UART signal of RS-232. DB9 male connectors are used for connection from RS-232 interface. The unique I/O circuit of the internal zero delay auto transceiver contained in the converter controls the data stream direction automatically. The converter is plug-and-play. All these features ensure a universal application on all the existing communication software and hardware interfaces.
    The data communication rate can be as high as 300-921.6Kbps by the point-to-point communication by UT-8801 interface. Power indicator light and data traffic indicator light are also available with the converter for malfunction indication. Conversion from USB to RS-232 is supported.

  1.  Standards: conforming to USBV1.0, 1.1 and 2.0 and EIA RS-232.
  2.   USB signals: VCC, DATA+, DATA-, GND and FG..
  3.   RS-232 signals: DCD RXD TXD DTR GND DSR RTS CTS RI
  4.   Working mode: asynchronous point-to-point.
  5.   Direction control: adoption of automatic data stream control for automatic recognition and control of data transmission direction.
  6.   Baud rate: 300-921.6Kbps, automatic detection of the transmission rate of the serial interface signal.
  7.   Transmission distance: 5 meters for RS-232 and less than 5 meters for USB.
  8.   Interface protection: +-15KV electrostatic protection.
  9.   Interface forms: B interface female connector and DB9 male connector for USB.
  10.   Signal indication: 9 indicator lights for Power (PWR), Send (TXD) and Receive (RXD).
  11.   Transmission media: twisted-pair cable or shielded cable.
  12.   Dimensions: 1530mm×33mm×16mm.
  13.   Working environment: -25℃ to 70℃, relative humidity 5% to 95%.
  14.   Windows95/98/2000/XP/Vista and IMAG are supported.
  15.   Both BUS and external power supply are supported



Download datasheet:UT-8801

Download Hướng dẫn: UT-8801

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