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Card PCI Ra 8 Cổng RS232 Công Nghiệp UTEK (UT-768)

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The UT-768 is a general use PCI serial port card designed for POS and ATM application. It can be used in industrial automation system manufacturing and system integration. The UT-768 provides eight RS-232 serial ports and can be connected to equipment with multiple serial ports like PCs, terminal devices, modems, printers, scanners, etc. The data speed of each port can reach up to 921.6Kbps and provide a modem control signal, which can ensure the compatibility serial port equipment with peripherals. The UT-768 can work under a 3.3V or 5VPCI bus, allowing the serial port card to be installed in any usable PC or server.

Card PCI Ra 8 Cổng RS232 Công Nghiệp UTEK (UT-768) C-LINK Phân Phối

Card PCI Ra 8 Cổng RS232 Công Nghiệp UTEK (UT-768) C-LINK Phân Phối


  1. Hardware Interface
  2. Connection Type: DR62 Female x 1
  3. Bus: 32 bit Universal PCI
  4. Signal RS-232: DCD, RXD, TXD, DTR, GND, DSR, RTS, CTS
  5. Transmission Speed: 300bps-921.5Kbps
  6. Data Bit: 5, 6, 7, 8
  7. Stop Bit: 1, 1.5, 2
  8. Parity Big: None, Even, Odd, Space, Mark
  9. Flow Control: RTS/CTS XON/XOFF
  10. Supported Systems:Win2000/2003/XP/Vista/2003_Server/NT4.0/CE4.2/5.0/6.0/Vxworks/Linux 2.4.x/2.6x transmission

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