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Equipment for 8 Channels Video Lightning VSP208V

Equipment for 8 Channels Video Lightning (VSP208V) by C-LINK

Thiết Bị Chống Sét Cho 8 Kênh Video ZHT (VSP208V) C-LINK Phân Phối


VSP208V is a 8-ch video surge protector device designed according to the standard of GB/T18802.21-2004/IEC61643-21:200. The device’s nominal operating voltage is 5V, max continuous operating voltage is 6V, limiting voltage lower than 20V. It features multi-level protection, high capacity for through-flow, low limiting voltage, quick reaction time, less insertion loss. It adapts to overvoltage protection for security video signal and power, protecting the device from the damage of induced overvoltage, switching overvoltage and static discharge. It’s widely used in security monitoring system, environment monitoring system. Standard: GB/T18802.21-2004/IEC61643-21:2000;
Protection: Baseband composite video signal(Bandwidth more than 10MHz);
Features: Multifunction multilevel overvoltage protection, large max discharge current, low limiting voltage, quick reacting time, low insertion loss;
Grounding: Tool-free, Screw grounding; Structure: Support tablet installation, wall-mounted installation, easy installation

Thông Số Kỹ Thuật

Item Description
Video Video channel 8-ch
Rated operating voltage 5V
Max continuous operating voltage 6V
Nominal discharge current(8/20µs) 5KA
Max discharge current(8/20µs) 10KA
Impulse limiting voltage(10/700µs) <20V
Insulating resistance ≥0.4MΩ
Inserting loss ≤0.5dB
Standing-wave ratio ≤1.2
Signal bandwidth 10MHz
Reacting time ≤1ns
Environment Working temperature -20~55℃
Storage temperature -40~70℃
Humidity(Non-condense) 0~95%
Structure N.W. 640g
Size 190mm×96mm×44.5mm
Shell Iron
Stability (MTBF >30000hrs

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