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Ethernet Over 4 E1 Converter – Model: H0FL-S04100SF/SN

Ethernet Over 4 E1 Converter Huahuan (H0FL-S04100SF/SN) C-LINK Phân Phối

Ethernet Over 4 E1 Converter Huahuan (H0FL-S04100SF/SN) C-LINK Phân Phối


  1. H0FL-S04100SN provides 2 10/100Base-Tx electrical Ethernet ports. H0FL-S04100SF provides 2 10/100Base-Tx electrical Ethernet ports and 1 10/100Base-Fx optical Ethernet port. Ethernet ports comply with IEEE 802.3/IEEE 802.3u and support IEEE 802.1Q/802.1P. 802.1Q VLAN configuration is also supported.
  2. Etherent ports support AUTO-MDIX under auto-negotiated mode, aoto sense crossover/direct cables, can be connect to switches, network cards and routers easily.
  3. Provide 1~4 E1 ports, 75W /120W selectable, comply with ITU-T G.703, G.823;
  4. 1~8 E1 channels selectable, support LCAS, valid E1 channels can be judged and bandwidth can be adjusted automatically.
  5. High buffer capability, low forward delay.
  6. Easy installation. Need no configuration when p2p use.
  7. Provide one SNMP ( 10/100Base-T) NMS interface.
  8. Intercommunication with central equipment H0FL-P.V2 S08100 service card to realize network management and other standard Ethernet over E1 equipment produced by different manufacturers.
  9. 19” 1U standard case, low consumption and high reliability
  10. -48VDC or ~220VAC or dual power supply.


246H0FL-S04100SF-1 246H0FL-S04100SF-2

Thông số kỹ thuật

Items Description
H0EL-8100S 8×E1s, 4×10/100Base-Tx
E1 Interface Comply with G.703, 2.048Mbps, HDB3
4E1 supported, 75Ω/120Ω optional
10/100Base-Tx Interface Comply with IEEE802.3, 10/100M auto-negotiation, half/full duplex auto-adaptive
Management RS232, TABS
Physical Dimension (W×H×D) 437.6X44 X124.7mm
Power Supply Dual DC or dual AC or AC+DC Power supply
DC -48V (-32V~-72V)
AC 220V (165V~265V)
Consumption ≤15W
Environment Temperature 0°C~50°C
Humidity 0~90%(non-condensing)

Download Datasheet :  H0FL-S04100SF/SN

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