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FTTH OTB distribution box 4 core

Hộp phối quang FTTH OTB 4 core C-LINK Phân Phối

FTTH OTB distribution  C-LINK 

Product Introduction
Wall-mounted distribution box is a device used primarily for connecting optical wall. We manage and protect the optical connection points such as fiber optic splices, wire splicing optical fiber connector (adapter), optical patch cord, a number of associated equipmentsuch as optical splitters, optical power adapter. It can be used to hang on the wall, hanging on in the column.
    - With a compact design aesthetic.
    - You can use the adapter FC, ​​SC, ST or LC
    - Easy distribution of optical wire.
    - Management of protected fiber optic systems
    - Fiber to the home (FTTH)
    - Optical Systems LAN / WAN
    - CATV Systems
  Height * Width * Depth 150mm * 30mm * 110mm
  Plastic Case
  Weight 0.2kg


 Cao*Rộng*Sâu  150mm*30mm*110mm
 Vỏ  Nhựa
 Màu  Trắng
 Trọng lượng  0.2Kg

Download Datasheet : OTB-04C

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