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Industrial Media Converter Model: UT-2571

Bộ chuyển đổi quang điện 10/100M công nghiệp UT-2571 C-LINK phân phối

Industrial Media Converter 10/100M UT-2571 C-LINK Phân Phối

1. 10 Mbps and 100Mbps auto-adapt.
2. Ethernet ports support automatic cross-identification.
3. Power Supply: DC9-48V/500mA
4. Use the SC fiber optic connector (ST, FC interface can be optioned)
5. Surge protection: 3000V (power supply)




Our 10/100M fiber optic transceiver used for 100Base-TX twisted pair and 100Base-FX fiber optic cable or data communication between 10Base-T twisted pair and 10Base-FL fiber optic cable. Auto-adapt 10/100Mbps, easy to upgrade. It can extend the limit of the network transmission distance from100M of the twisted-pair to 100KM above. It can easily achieve the interconnection among the motherboard servers, repeaters, hubs, terminals and terminal.
1.   It uses a high-quality photoelectric integration module to provide good optical properties and electrical properties to ensure reliable data transmission, with a long working life.
2.   Support full-duplex or half duplex mode, and with auto-negotiation capability.
3.   10 Mbps and 100Mbps auto-adapt.
4.   Ethernet ports support automatic cross-identification.
5.   With store and forward mechanism, cache 1MB, support for multiple protocols.
6.   Support the maximum transmission packet size of 1600 bytes of data.
7.   In line with carrier-class operating standards, MTBF 50,000 hours or more.
8.   Power Supply: DC9-48V/500mA
9.   Use the SC fiber optic connector (ST, FC interface can be optioned)
10.  Surge protection: 3000V (power supply)

Download Datasheet : UT-2571

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