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Fiber Optical Closure 1in-2out (FOSC-H007)


Detailed Product Description

1.Fiber optic splice closure 
2.small volume & water proof 
3.max. 48fiber 
5.good quality & price

 Fiber Optic Splice Closure

Item: FOSC-H007

FOSC-H007 – Horizontal fiber optic splice closure provides space and protection for the fiber optic cable splicing and joint. It’s watr & dust proof and suitable for aerial, duct, wall-mounted or buried applications. 


1.High quality PC, ABS, PPR material optional

2.Used in straight-through & brandch application for cables of bundle fiber and ribbon fiber

3.Trays can be increased or reduced according to application

4.Perfect outline, thunder, erosion & aging resistance

5.Strong and reasonable structure with mechanical sealing structure filled with silicon rubber material

6.It can be opend after sealing and can be reused


+ Aerial-hanger

+ Wall-mounted

+ Directly-buried

Dimension and capacity

Outside dimension(LxWxH)   240x180x80mm 
Weight(excluding outside box)  0.9Kg 
Number of inlet/outlet ports  1in-2out
Diameter of fiber cable 8mm—14mm
Capacity of FOSC Bunchy:4-48cores

 Order information

Model Material Dimension(cm) Weight(kg) Cable entry ports Cable diameter(mm) Max. capacity of fibers
FOSC-H001 ABS 40*20*11 2.6 2in&2out φ7-φ18 120
FOSC-H002 ABS 46*20*11 3 2in&2out φ7-φ18 120
FOSC-H003 PC 39*16*8 2 3in&3out φ7-φ14 48
FOSC-H004 ABS/PC 46.5*18*12 2.8 3in&3out φ7-φ15 96
FOSC-H005 ABS/PC 46.5*18.5*12 2.7 2in&2out φ7-φ16 96
FOSC-H006 ABS 30*20*9 1.45 1in&1out φ12-φ14 72
FOSC-H007 PC 24*18*8 0.9 1in&2out φ8-φ14 48
FOSC-H008 PC 24*18*8 0.9 1in&2out φ8-φ14 48

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