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Fiber Optical Closure 3in-3out ( FOSC-V006)

Măng xông quang mũ chụp 3in-3out C-LINK Phân Phối

Măng xông quang mũ chụp 3in-3out C-LINK Phân Phối

Detailed Product Description

1.water & dust proof

2.Aerial, dust, wall-mounted applications

3.PPR plastic material. cable ports.


Fiber Optic Splice Closure

FOSC-V006 Fiber optical splice closure allows 3 fiber cables in and 3 fiber cables out. It accommodates the splicing and branching of

the cable which is used in aerial-hanger, wall-mounting or direct buried. The closure is an openable box which is made of high quality

PC. The closure and the foundation plate are sealed with Silicon Gum Material which fixes tightly by hoop. And the sealing of cables use

Shrinkable tube. The closure can be opened and used again, no need to change the sealing material after it be sealed.


1. Used in straight-through and branch application

2. Trays can be increased or reduced according to the application

3. Cylinder shape, perfect outline, thunder, erosion & aging resistance

4. Strong and reasonable structure with mechanical sealing structure filled with silicon rubber   material, it can be opened after sealing

and can be reused.

Dimension and capacity

Outside dimension(LxWxH)   278x580mm 
Weight (Kg) 7
Cable diameter (mm) 7-23
Cable entry ports Three cables entry ports on each end
Max. Capacity 240

Order information

Model Materia Dimension (cm) Weight (Kg) Cable entry ports Cable diameter (nm) Max.capacity of fiber
FOSC-V001 ABS φ26*50 3.15 2in&2out φ7-φ20 144
FOSC-V002 PPR φ20.5*43.8 2.3 2in&2out φ7-φ18 60
FOSC-V003 PPR φ20.5*43.8 2.8 3in&3out φ7-φ19 120
FOSC-V004 PC φ27.8*58 8 4in&4out φ7-φ23 216
FOSC-V005 PC/ABS φ27.8*59.5 7 4in&4out φ7-φ23 252
FOSC-V006 PC φ27.8*58 7 3in&3out φ7-φ23 240
FOSC-V007 PC φ25*50 3.8 2in&2out φ5.5-φ20 72
FOSC-V008 ABS φ26*50 4.1 3in&3out φ5.5-φ20 96

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