Node 2 cửa hai chiều WR8602JL

Node 2 cửa hai chiều ZHT (WR8602JL) C-LINK Phân Phối

Node 2 cửa hai chiều ZHT (WR8602JL) C-LINK Phân Phối

1. Summary
WR8602JL series optical AGC field optical receiver is a model of new generation of two-way optical receiver. Full GaAs MMIC amplification is used as forestage, and GaAs module amplifier is used as backward stage. It meets extremely high performance index, because of optimized circuit design and design experience got by ourselves for over ten years.
The parameters will be displayed by singlechip to make engineering debug de more convenient. It is the best choice for CATV network.

2. Performance Characteristic
- PIN photoelectric translating tube with high responsivity is good for assuring excellent C / N index.
- Line optimal design and SMT production process are useful for optimized signal channel and fluid optical signal transmission.
- RF attenuation, balanced linear and precision of professional RF attenuation chip are well;
- Power-Double output of GaAs amplifier has high gain, low distortion and small heat dissipating capacity.
- The complete machine is controlled by singlechip. The parameters (output, input level) will be displayed by digital display. The operation is convenient and clear. The performance is stable.
- AGC characteristics are good. If the output is set, output level is unchanged and CTB, CSO, C / N is essentially the same when optical power input is changed(-8~+2dBm).
- Class II responder meeting <Specification of equipment management system for GB/T 20030-2005 HFC network> is used in built-in status monitoring circuit to implement.

3. Block Diagram

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