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ON802C Bi-directional Optical Receiver


Products Description

 ON802C Outdoor Bi-directional Optical Receiver is a 750MHz economical receiver with the outdoor waterproof structure. It’s specially designed for HFC network. It has many advantages such as low noise, high sensitivity and well reliability. It is in according with the requirements of the network perfection and the subscribers in the extensive countryside and the outlying districts. We adopt the advanced design to premise the index and reduce the cost greatly. There is RF calibrating circuit, in order to increase the in band flatness, the subscriber can adjust it conveniently by the equalizer. It also has the alarm pilot lamp. When the input optical power is below -8dBm, the red lamp will shine, if you want to know the input optical power correctly, and there is no optical power meter, you can measure the voltage in the examining points by avometer, and the corresponding optical power can be read from the diagram

Optical Parameter

Optical Wavelength 1100 ~ 1600nm
Input Optical Power Range -6 ~ +2dBm
Optical Connector Model FC/APC or SC/APC
Optical Return Loss ≥45dB
Optical Detector Type In GaAs PIN

RF Parameter

Frequency Band 45 ~ 750(860)MHz
In-Band Flatness ±0.75dB
Output Level 102dBμV(0dBm input optical power;
         the input power changes 1dBm,
         the output level will change 2dBμV)
Output Impedance 75Ω
RF Return Loss ≥16dB

Link Parameter

CNR 51dB
CSO ≤-61dBC
CTB ≤-65dBC
Test Term 59Channel PAL-D
        signal Input Optical Transmitter
        +10Km Optical Fiber and Adjustable Attenuator
        + ON802C Optical Receiver
        (-1dBm optical power Input)

Other Parameter

Power Voltage AC220V±10%AC60V
Power Consumption 30W
Working Temperature 0 ~ 50
Storage Temperature -20 ~ 65
Dimension 325W*220D*115H(mm)
Weight 4kg

Download datasheet: ON-8O2C

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