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ON-870 Four Output Optical Node


Product Specification
ON-870 Four Output Optical node is a new exploitative bi-direction broadband optical node which combines the current HFC transferring network and international advanced technology. Main part in device adopt module type, it can be assembled in many different ways according to the user’s needs. It’s considered and solved the noise figure problem in the return channels, and sets up good operating status monitor circuit, obligates the standard network and responder ports. It’s an ideal transferring platform for simulated and digital signals to build the large-scale optical network


Obverse Receiving Reverse Transmitting
Optical Wavelength(nm) 1100 ~ 1600 Optical Wavelength(nm) 1310±10
Input Optical Power
        Range (dBm)
-5 ~ +2 Return Transmitting
        Output Power (mw)
Optical Connector
        Optical Tie-in Model
Optical Connector
        Optical Tie-in Model
Optical Return Loss(dB) 45 Optical Return Loss(dB) 45

Link Parameter

Obverse Receiving Reverse Transmitting
CNR(dB) 50 CNR(dB) 50
CSO(dBc) -62
CTB(dBc) -65

Other Parameter

Power Voltage AC180V ~ 250V/AC60V
Power Consumption 80W
Working Temperature -10 ~ 60
Storage Temperature -20 ~ 70
Dimension 400W230D200H(mm)
Weight 14kg

RF Parameter

Item Obverse Reverse
Frequency Band(MHz) 45/87 ~ 750    45/87 ~ 860 5 ~ 35/65
Flatness In Band(dB) ± 0.75 ± 1
RF ImpedanceΩ 75 75
Return Loss(dB) 16 16
Middle Attenuation(dB) Inserter can be chosen (1, 2…) Inserter can be chosen (1, 2…)
Middle Slope(dB) Inserter can be chosen(3, 6…) Inserter can be chosen(3, 6…)
Port Output Each Port 108 dBµV Output 85 dBµV Input

Download datasheet:  ON-870 

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