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ON-880 Outdoor Four Ways Output Optical Node


Optical Node 4-door high-performance 2-way. Shell structure is uncertain, the independent signal, which can be edited, with afternoonclearing function, luminescent dimensional module can plug flexible, convenient for two-dimensional network structure. This is the mainequipment in HFC network, the levels of optical power indicator and the test point, with correction circuit and RF channel balancingcircuit, you can adjust each output independently.


Optical Wavelength 1100 ~ 1600nm
Input Optical Power Range -6 ~ +2dBm
Optical Fiber Connector Model FC/APC or SC/APC
Optical Return Loss ≥45dB
Optical Detector Type In GaAs PINBGE887BO

Link Parameter

CNR 51dB
CSO ≤-61dBC
CTB ≤-65dBC
Test Term 85 PAL-D signal input Optical 
Transmitter+10Km Opitcal Fiber and Adjustable Attenuator +EN880 
Optical Receiver (-1dBm optical power Input)

Other Parameter

Power Voltage AC180V ~ 250V/AC60V
Power Consumption 0 ~ 50
Operating Temperature -10 ~ 50
Storage Temperature -20 ~ 65
Dimension 380W x 230D x 165H(mm)
Weight 7kg

Download datasheet: ON-880

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