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Ống co nhiệt C-LINK Phân Phối

Detailed Product Description

Single core Heat-shrinkable Tube is Easy to operate, reducing the risk of fiber damage during installation.  Single core Heat-shrinkable TubeThis products is made up of cross-linked polyolefin heat-shrinkable tubeshot-melt tubes and Stainless steel needle,It is specifically designed for the protection of fiber optical closure


 1. Protect connection point, improve the mechanical strength, it is most reliable way to protect the fusion

2. Easy to operate, reducing the risk of fiber damage during installation

3. Transparent tube, it is easy to see the status of fiber optical closure. 

4. Sealing structure let closure have good resistance to temperature and humidity performance

Temperature Range

1. Min. shrinks temperature: 120C, shrink very fast and very easy to installation.

2. Work temperature high(-55C~100C), widely used.


Type mm
Length of tube (L)
Hot-melt tube (D)
Ceramic stick (d)
wide (mm) High (mm)
GPRR-6S 42 2.9 2.9 1.65
GPRR-6D 42 2.9 2.9 1.65
GPRR-12D 42 4.1 4.1 2.1
GPRR-12S 42 4.1 4.1 2.1

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