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Ống co nhiệt C-LINK Phân Phối

Ống co nhiệt C-LINK Phân Phối

Detailed Product Description

Wall heat shrink tube with adhesive,.Use in telecommunication cable closure and fiber optical closure, This products is medium wall heat shrink tube with adhesive,Use in telecommunication cable closure and fiber optical closure,coated with hot melt adhesive, have reliable waterproofing and prevent the air leak.The style of adhesive can supply coating directly or gyroidal according customer’s requirements.Coated with sensitive paint, easy to installation indication.

1. Protect connection point, improve the mechanical strength, it is most reliable way to protect the fusion

2. Easy to operate, reducing the risk of fiber damage during installation

3. Sealing structure let closure have good resistance to temperature and humidity performance

Temperature Range

1. Min. shrinks temperature: 120C, shrink very fast and very easy to installation.

2. Work temperature high(-55C~105C), widely used.



No. Test item Test method Result
1 Tensile Strength ASTM D638 13N/nm2
2 Ultimate Elongation ASTM D638 450%
3 Heating impact @250°C UL 224 Conformity
4 Low temperature test @-30°C ASTM D2671 Conformity
5 Dielectric Strength ASTM D149 25kV/mm
6 Volume Resistance ASTM D257 1×1014Ω.cm
7 Longitudinal Change ASTM D2671 ±8%
8 Water Absorption ASTM D570 <0.5%
9 Peeling Strength DIN 30672 ≥125N/25


Type As supplied After recovery tepy As supplied After recovery
(mm) Diameter (mm) (mm) Diameter (mm)
Φ28/6 28 6 2.5 Φ55/16 55 16 2.7
Φ33/8 33 8 2.5 Φ65/19 65 19 2.8
Φ35/12 35 12 2.5 Φ75/22 75 22 3
Φ40/12 40 12 2.5 Φ95/25 95 25 3

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3. Trực tiếp: Số 207, ngõ 192 Lê Trọng Tấn, Định Công, Hoàng Mai, Hà Nội

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