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OTE-OT-001 1550nm Optical Transmitter OTE-OT-001


OTE-OT-001 1550nm Optical Transmitter C-LINK Phân Phối

OTE-OT-001 1550nm Optical Transmitter C-LINK Phân Phối


Laser and external modulator imported from America or Japan.Excellent pre-distortion circuit design, it have perfect CTB and CSO before reach high standard CNRSBS suppression circuit, adjustable SBS threshold with 13, 16, 18 to meet different network requirement.AGC, it make different RF input level of the output performance can be maintained.Humanized display of using time, temperature, voltage, optical power and failure warningBuilt-in sound control circuit and a microcomputer automatically embedded blue front panel LCD display, accurate real-time monitoring laser output power and a variety of working conditions, ensure a stable output power.Excellent ability of multistage lightning protection, automatic temperature control and automatic power switching, ensure long-time stable and continuous working in an adverse environment.Beautiful 19-inch standard rack case, the structure of scientific and reasonable process, excellent overall performance indicators is an essential pre-amplifier for all CATV engine room.Intelligent: RG-45 Ethernet interface is optional, for implementing a monitor system under (GB/T 20030-2005 Specification of Equipment Management System of HFC Network).



Items Units Technical Parameter
Wavelength of Laser (nm) 15481563
SMSR (dB) ≥45   SMSR
Noise Equivalent Intensity (dB/Hz) ≤-160  RIN (201000MHz)
Output power (dBm) 2×5 2×7 2×6 2×9 2×10Ooptional
Return Loss (dB) ≥50
Optical fiber connector   FC/APC SC/APC LC/APC (optional)
Operating bandwidth (MHz) 47862
RF Input level (dBmV) 1828 AGC
Flatness In Band (dB) ≤±0.75
Return Loss (dB) >15
RF Input Impedance (Ω) 75
RF connector   Metric or British F connector
Test Channel   PAL-D/60CH PAL-D/99CH
CNR1 (dB) ≥53 ≥51.5
CNR2 (dB) ≥51.5 ≥49.5
CTB (dB) ≤-65 ≤-65
CSO (dB) ≤-65 ≤-65
SBS threshold (dBm) 13, 16, 18 (adjustable)
Power supply (VAC) 90265
Power Consumption (W) 50
Working Temperature () -20+50
Store Temperature () -30+70
Size (mm) 482×340×45 L × W × H

Download datasheet: OTE-OT-001

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