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PDH Fiber Transmission Equipment – Model: H10MO-1684

Thiết Bị Truyền Dẫn Quang PDH Huahuan (H10MO-1684) C-LINK Phân Phối

Thiết Bị Truyền Dẫn Quang PDH Huahuan (H10MO-1684) C-LINK Phân Phối


Huahuan provides traditional PDH equipments from 1×E1 to 16×E1s as well as newer types with a variety of service interfaces such as V.35, Ethernet etc. Thus we can meet the continued demands of telecommunication operators and end users. H10MO series optical terminal equipments employs alldigital ASIC technology developed on our own, together with the patented jitter attenuation, digital phase locked loop, clock recovery and E1 interference immunity interface technologies. Auxiliary data channels and order wires of RS232, RS485 and V.35 are supported. Integrated management is supported. H10MO series are also featured as small size, lightweight, low power consumption, high interference resistance and high reliability.


1.  Adopt high reliability and low consumption ASIC chip

2.  Full testing and monitoring abilities for easy operation and maintenance

3.  Unified network management platform

4.  Ethernet link reaches line speed and speed limiting can be set.

5.  Ethernet supports 10/100M, half/full duplex auto-negotiation and HP auto-MDIX.

6.  Provide various power supply options (AC 220V, DC -48V, +24) and dual power supply.

7.  Provide SC or FC fiber interface and various fiber power budget option for short or long haul purpose as well as 1+1 protection.



Thông Số Kỹ Thuật

Items Technical Specifications
Model and Interface H10MO-120 4×E1/G.703
H10MO-120B 4×E1/G.703+1×Ethernet
H10MOS-30 1×E1/G.703
H10MOS-30AF 1×V35
Rack type H10MO-1684 With 14 service slots, the upper various modules above can be inserted into the H10MO-1684
E1 interface Comply with ITU-T G.7032.048Mbps±50ppm75Ωcoaxial/120Ωtwisted pairs
Ethernet interface optional Comply with IEEE 802.3, 10/100Base-TxLine Speed is available (speeding limiting can be set, step size is 1M)
Optical Interfaces Connector SC or FC
Optical Spec Item Output (dBm) Sensitivity (dBm)
1310nm (standard) -5 ~ -12 ≤-36
1310nm (long haul, optional) 0 ~ -5 ≤-36
1550nm (DFB, long haul, optional) 0 ~ -5 ≤-36
Bi-directional single fiber (Optional) -8 ~ -14 (Tx :1550nm)0 ~ -5  (Tx :1310nm) ≤-30
1+1 optical protection (optional)
Data path Interface Data rate One RS-458 channel and one RS-232 channel ≤116K
Monitor and alarm Unified network management platform
Order wire Hotline
Power supply AC 220V 165V~265V
DC -48V-36V-72V+24+18V+36V
Dual Power (optional) AC(220V) and DC(-48V)
Power consumption Different model varies: 5W~10W
Dimension H10MO-120+  H10MO-120B W×H×D (mm): 440×44×138  (Different model may slight varies)
H10MOS-30H10MOS-30AFH10MOS-60H10MOS-60BH10MOS-30B W×H×D(mm):220×44×138 or 440 × 44 × 138
Installation Rack mount, desktop, wall mount

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