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Pens optical detector VFL-650-4

We R&D and manufacture VFL-650-4 series pen-type visual fault locator especially for long-distance optical fiber fault inspection, it has advantages of long inspection distance, long using life, solid structure and portability. It is ideal choice of site operation workers.

Bút Soi Quang ZHT (VLF-650-4) C-LINK Phân Phối

Pen Optical Detector(VLF-650-4) C-LINK 


1. MQW LD optical source

2. Operating mode: CW and MOD

3. 2.5mm FC, SC, ST general interface

4. Long inspection distance

5. Steady power output

6. Nano technology, multi-ply ESD protection

7. Rechargeable battery

8. Convenient for use and carry


Locate the fiber failure, such as fracture and bend

Failure inspection in OTDR blind zone

Fiber recognition from head face to end face

Mechanical transition point optimization


Telecom, CATV project

PDS construction and maintenance

Optical component manufacture and research

Other fiber project


Technical Specifications

Type VFL-650-4
Central Wavelength 650±10nm
Fiber mode SM or MM
Optical Connector 2.5mm FC, SC, ST general interface
Output power 35mW/40mW/45mW/50mW
Inspection distance 25 Km/30 Km/35 Km/40 Km
Electrical source One high power rechargeable Li battery
Working time of batteries More than 10h
Operating temperature -20~+60ºC (no dewing)
Storage temperature -40~+85ºC
Material of shell Aluminum alloy
Dimension Ø24×138mm
Weight About 90g (without batteries)

Order Information

VFL-650-4-30 Output power: 30mw, Laser range: ≥30KM
VFL-650-4-40 Output power: 40mw, Laser range: ≥40KM
VFL-650-4-50 Output power: 50mw, Laser range: ≥50KM

Download Datasheet: VFL 650-4

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