SFP Transceiver 4.25G

Module Quang ZHT (SFP 4.25G) C-LINK Phân Phối

SFP Transceiver 4.25G

1. SFP package with LC connector
2. +3.3V single power supply
3. LVPECL compatible data input/output interface
4. Low EMI and excellent ESD protection
5. laser safety standard IEC-60825 compliant
6. Compatible with RoHS
1. Ethernet
2. Telecom
3. Fiber Channel

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Parameter Symbol Minimum Maximum Units
Storage Temperature Tst -40 +70 °C
Supply Voltage Vcc 0 +3.6 V
Operating Relative Humidity RH 5 95 %

 Operation Environment

Parameter Symbol Min Typical Max Units
Supply Voltage Vcc 3.15 3.3 3.45 V
Operating Case Temperature Commercial Tc -10   +70 Operating Case Temperature
Industrial -40   +85
Power Dissipation       1 W
Data Rate     4.25   Gbps

 Electrical Characteristics

(Ambient Operating Temperature 0°C to +70°C, Vcc =3.3 V)

Parameter Symbol Min. Typ. Max. unit
Transmitter Section
Input Differential Impendence Zin 90 100 110 Ohm
Data Input Swing Differential Vin 500   2400 mV
TX Disable Disable   2.0   Vcc V
Enable   0   0.8 V
TX Fault Assert   2.0   Vcc V
Deassert   0   0.8 V
Receiver Section
Output differential impendence Zout   100   Ohm
Data Input Swing Differential Vout 370   2000 mV
Rx_LOS Assert   2.0   Vcc V
Deassert   0   0.8 V

Odering Information 

Part No. Data Rate Wavelength Reach TX RX Pout s Temperature Others
SFP-SX-4 4.25G 850nm 150M VCSEL PIN -9~-3dBm <-15dBm 0~70°C,-40~85°C LC;3.3V;MMF;RoHS
SFP-LH-405 4.25G 1310nm 5KM FP PIN -8~-3dBm <-18dBm 0~70°C,-40~85°C LC;3.3V;SMF;RoHS
SFP-LH-410 4.25G 1310nm 10KM DFB PIN -3~+2dBm <-18dBm 0~70°C,-40~85°C LC;3.3V;SMF;RoH

Download datasheet: SFP-SX-4SFP-LH-405SFP-LH-410

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