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Series Fast Ethernet Intelligent Access Switch FE / 24 Cổng FE+ 1 Compo / 2 Compo – Model: DCS-3650 Series

Product Overview

DCS-3650 Series switch is Fast Ethernet intelligent access switch for MAN, campus or enterprise networks. It supports comprehensive QoS, classified bandwidth control, multi link aggregation, intelligent security control, which fulfill the network requirements for access layer of education, government and large/medium enterprise network.

The 3650 series switch includes DCS-3650-26C, DCS-3650-8C, DCS-3650-8C-POE. The product designed for ipv4 and ipv6 dual stack network. With the abundant ipv6 features, the product can still work for next generation network.

Switch Truy Cập Thông Minh 8 Cổng FE / 24 Cổng FE+ 1 Compo / 2 Compo DCN (DCS-3650 Series) C-LINK Phân Phối

Switch Truy Cập Thông Minh 8 Cổng FE / 24 Cổng FE+ 1 Compo / 2 Compo DCN (DCS-3650 Series) C-LINK Phân Phối

Main Features

High adaptability VLAN Features

  • DCS-3650 series support 802.1q and port based VLAN. With GVRP supported, DCS-3650 series could transmits VLAN attributes to the whole layer 2 network, so the same VLAN of two unadjacent switches can communicate mutually through GVRP protocol instead of configuring each intermediate switch manually for achieving the purpose of simplifying VLAN configuration.

High Reliability

  1. DCS-3650 series support VCT(Virtual Cable Tester), help to locate the error places in the link, make it fast to solve relative problems for network management
  2. DCS-3650 series support STP, RSTP, MSTP based on 802.1D, 802.1W, 802.1S, to avoid loop link and configure abundant backup link in network. 802.3ad port aggregation supported, to add link bandwidth and abundant connection between equipments

Enhanced Security

  1. IEEE 802.1X port-based access control ensures all users are authorized before being granted access to the network. User authentication is carried out using any standard-based RADIUS server.
  2. Access Control Lists (ACLs) can be used to restrict access to sensitive network resources by denying packets and forward by different policies.
  3. The DCS-3650 series support DHCP snooping, which prevents DHCP attacks and illegal DHCP SERVER by setting trust ports and untrust ports. With DHCP Snooping binding enabled, it can combine modules like dot1x and ARP, or implement user-access-control independently
  4. The DCS-3650 product support much more L2 security features such as ARP guard, Anti-ARP scanning, and other ARP and MAC security technology to protect network security and reliability.

Comprehensive QoS

  • DCS-3650 series differentiates and classifies traffic flows according to ports, 802.1p, ToS, DSCP. The dispatcher WRR/SP/SWRR supported by DCS-3650 ensures voice/data/video are properly classified and prioritized throughout the network.

Monitor and Management

  1. DCS-3650 supports Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), in-band and out-of-band. Supports Command Line Interface(CLI) and WEB, supports Security IP function to prevent illegal users log in or change the configuration.
  2. As an important feature, OAM can help the user to monitor and manage the network across different protocols and equipments.
  3. DCS-3650 support 1:1 or N:1 port mirroring, monitor and manage the data flow of network, help locate the problem when breakdown happens
  4. DCS-3650 supports Secure Shell(SSH), which will ensure the security of switch management and configuration.
  5. This series of switch can be managed by general network management platform with 3rd management software.

POE support

  1. The DCS-3650-8C-POE can support POE (Power Over Ethernet) technical and connect to wireless AP, IP phone and Network Camera. The network can help admin easy deployed of cable.
  2. DCS-3650-8C-POE can support 8 ports POE at same time and the MAX power of each port upto 15.4W with 802.3af support. The product can define the power of each port to save the power and set port priority for each port.

Abundant IPv6 Support

  1. The DCS-3650 series switch supports IPv6 in hardware for maximum performance. As more network devices growing and the need for larger addressing and higher security become critical, the DCS-3650 series switch will be a right product to meet the requirement. The DCS-3650 passed IPv6 form Phase II certificate is the best proof of the application.
  2. The DCS-3950 series switch also supports DHCPv6, based on IPv6, including DHCPv6 server, client, relay and snooping, etc.

Integrated authentication and billing solution

  • DCS-3650 support DCN enhanced 802.1x authentication and billing solution, and authentication by port and MAC address. Working with DCN DCBI3000 and 802.1x client, it can bill by time/flow, and strict bundle for account, password, IP, MAC, VLAN, port, and switches. It support anti spam, internet time control. With user based dynamic VLAN and bandwidth authorization, it can allocate IP address based on group policy without DHCP server.

Thông số kỹ thuật:






8*10/100Base-TX + 1* Gigabits Combo(SFP/GT)

8*10/100Base-TX POE+ 1* Gigabits Combo(SFP/GT)

24*10/100Base-TX + 2*Gigabits Combo(SFP/GT)


Switching Capacity




Forwarding Rate












Queues per port









Dimension (W×H×D)

282mm x 44mm x 178mm

443mm x 44mm x 230mm

443mm x 44mm x 230mm

Power Supply

AC:100~240VAC,50/60 Hz (internal AC power supply)

AC:100~240VAC,50/60 Hz (internal AC power supply)

DC:-48 V DC (internal DC power supply)

Power Consumption





>80000 hours


Working 0°C~50°C, storage -40°C~70°C

Relative Humidity


EMC safety




Storage and forwarding

L1, L2 Features


802.1Q based Vlan and support upto 4K vlan id

Port based Vlan

Support GVRP

Spanning Tree

802.1D STP, 802.1W RSTP, 802.1S MSTP

Support Root guard, BPDU guard, BPDU forwarding

Link Aggregation

Support LACP 802.3ad, max 14 groups trunk with max 8 ports for each trunk,

Support source / destination MAC/IP based load balance

MAC Operation

Support MAC binding

Support MAC filter

Support black hole MAC

Support MAC limit per port

Broadcast storm control

Support Broadcast / Multicast / Unicast Storm Control

Supports control and can set rate for broadcast


Support VCT

GE combo ports could be compatible with FE SFP module

Support 1:1 and N:1 port mirror

Jumbo Frame

Loopback interface

Port loop detection

Bandwidth control: At least 64Kbps step

Support HOL preventing first packet jam, semi-duplex backpressure, duplex  IEEE802.3x

Port Protection

POE+(POE switch only)

Support 24 FE ports POE

Support IEEE 802.3af POE

Support IEEE 802.3at POE+, Max 30W power per port

Support global / port POE function control


4 hardware queues per FE port and 8 queues per GE port

Traffic classification based on IEEE 802.1p CoS, DSCP, ToS

Supports SP, WRR, SWRR for scheduling


IEEE 802.1x

Port, MAC based authentication

Support guest vlan and auto vlan

Work with private client can manage P2P traffic


RADIUS for Ipv4 and Ipv6


Support Access Control Lists(ACL) based on source/destination IP address, source/destination MAC address, IP type, TCP/UDP port number, IP precedence, time range, ToS.

ACL on VLAN interface


Support ARP binding

Support ARP limit

Support ARP guard

Support Anti ARP scanning


Ip source guard support under controlled L3 forwarding block

Support DHCP Snooping


Support IGMP v1/v2/v3 snooping

Fast Leave

Support multicast policy configuration


ICMPv6, NDP, SNMP over IPv6, HTTP over Ipv6, Ipv6 Ping/tracer, Ipv6 Telnet, Ipv6 RADIUS+, Ipv6 Syslog, IPv6 SNTP, IPv6 FTP/TFTP

Support DHCPv6 Server, Relay, Snooping

Support IPv6 MVR


Switch Management

CLI, WEB, Telnet, SNMPv1/v2c/v3 through IPv4 and IPv6

RMON 1,2,3,9

SSHv1,v2 & SSL support

RJ45 Console

Support Public & Private MIB interface

Supports SNTP, Summer Saving Time

Support Multiple sys-log servers

Support OAM 802.3ah

Support NMS software management

Support MAX 24 unites cluster

Supports IPv4 and IPv6 Security IP management

Firmware & Configuration

Multiple firmware images/ configuration files

Firmware upgrade via TFTP/FTP server                                                                                                     

Configuration file upload/download via TFTP/FTP server


Supports BOOTP, DHCP server/client for IP address assignment




Download Datasheet: DCS-3650-26C , DCS-3650-8CDCS-3650-8C-POE

hướng dẫn sử dung: DCS-3650-8CDCS-3650-8C-POE

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