USB To RS232 UT-810T


USB to serial port allows you to easily establish a reliable connection between the serial port ( RS-232 ) and USB interface. Plug and Play and hot swap capabilities through the use of the USB interface to the serial port ( RS-232 ) peripherals provide a very easy to use environment. Its design allows you to easily connect devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, ISDN-TA, Modem, and provides transfer rates up to 1Mbp

Bộ Chuyển Đổi USB Sang RS232 UTEK (UT-810T) C-LINK Phân Phối

Bộ Chuyển Đổi USB Sang RS232 UTEK (UT-810T) C-LINK Phân Phối


1.   Fully compatible with USB (Universal Serial Bus) VER: 1.1 
2.   Support for RS-232 interface 
3.   The standard DB9 serial port 
4.   Serial transmission speed up to 1Mbps 
5.   Support automatic handshake agreement 
6.   Support remote wake-up and power management 
7.   With USB Direct power supply, do not need additional power supply 
8.   ±15KV ESD protection 
9.   The ASIC chip can support USB port to the serial port communication. 
10.  Transmission distance: 5m 
11.  Working environment: -25⁰C – 70⁰C, relative humidity 5% – 95%. 12. Windows98/2000/WinXP/ Vista/Linux supported.

Download datasheet:UT-810T

Download Hướng dẫn: UT-810T

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