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V.35 Fiber Modem – Model: FOM-135

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Modem Quang V.35 ZHT (FOM-135) C-LINK Phân phối

V.35 Fiber(FOM-135) C-LINK 

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FOM-135 Fiber Modem can transfer V.35 signal to single-mode or multimode fiber which extend the transmitting distance of V.35 signal greatly.

Overview: FOM-135 Fiber Modem can modulate G.703 E1 or V.35 signal to single-mode or multimode fiber which extend the transmitting distance of E1 signal greatly. E1 signal support framed and unframed mode. When in framed mode, continuous or discontinuous time-slot can be selected. E1 fiber modem and V.35 fiber modem can be used together. Both of them are widely used in extending user interface in ATM or DDN.Standalone and Rack mount module are both available. 
Developed from the integrated circuit with our own property right. 
E1 interface supports two kinds of impedance: 120 ohm balanced and 75 ohm unbalanced. 
Select timeslot randomly to combine data transmission channel at rate up to N*64K(N=1 to 32) 
Offer three loop functions: loop back to local port, loop back to remote port and ordering the remote port to loop back. 
Completed pseudo-random code testing function makes installing and adjusting more easily. 
Have master and slave clocks. When the local setting is slave clock, it can adjust the rate of the remote clock

Mô Hình Ứng Dụng Modem Quang FOM-135

Mô Hình Ứng Dụng Modem Quang FOM-135

Bảng thông số kỹ thuật

                                         Power AC Input 100~240V
DC Input -48V
Power Consumption ≤3W
  V.35 interface Compliant with V.35 standard:
Rate n×64Kbps n=1~32
Physical connector DB25 female jack DCE & DTE optional
  Fiber interface Rate 4Mbps
Line code 1B1C
Wavelength 850nm/1310nm/1550nm
Connector FC/SC/ST
Distance 0-120Km
 Environment Operation Temperature 0~500
Operation Relative Humidity 20~90%
Store Temperature -20~65
Store Relative Humidity 10~95%

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