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Ethernet over E1 Solution for Base Station Monitoring System

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Application background:

As NGN development, IP-based would be more and more important in the future. It has arrived in the form of new Ethernet-based services and is being warmly embraced by carriers, service providers and their enterprise customers.

Metro Ethernet is the ideal platform for providing BTS Radio Surveillance and Monitoring and VPN, DIA, DSL Backhaul and IAD backhaul requirements. The locations (cities, areas) where Metro Ethernet is not present, TDM Platform (PDH,SDH, Microwave) is used for delivering these requirements and are terminated on Data Core Network (RDN).

 HUAHUAN EOE Aggregation for Base Station System Monitoring

Ethernet over E1 Solution for Base Station Monitoring System










After transforming by Huahuan CPE box, Ethernet signal is encapsulated in E1 channels which can be transmitted over E1, TDM, PDH and SDH networks .

     Many operators have built spacious TDM and E1 networks in the past years. However, Ethernet service is becoming more and more popular as its simplicity and low-cost. The EoE solution provides a feasible method for providers to save their investment. Depend upon this solution; operators can implement Ethernet access service with low cost and short time.

Huahuan product used in the solution


H9MO-LMXE front view










H9M0-LMXE Front view

H9MO-LMXE rear view










H9M0-LMXE rear view



2 H0FL-F01100

1H0FL-F01100 2H0FL-F01100