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Huahuan TDM over Metro Ethernet Project for PCCW

22/01/2014 | Lượt xem: 376 | Viết bởi: admin

Application Background: 

PCCW is Hong Kong’s premier telecommunications provider;world-class player in Information and Communications Technologies (ICT).And it provides service in 14 leading countries all over the world.

PCCW deployed a Metro Ethernet network with a bandwidth of 10G in Hongkong. But a lot of there customers wants TDM service. In this condition, Huahuan’s TDM over IP equipment H0FL-ETHMUX V8 and H0FL-ETHMUX V801 can greatly help it. 

 Huhuan solution:

Huahuan TDM over Metro Ethernet Project for PCCW
















As is showed in the topology, PCCW can provide TDM service to its customers with the help of Huahuan’s T DM over IP equipment H0FL-ETHMUX V8(connect to switches or routers) and H0FL-ETHMUX V801(connect to end users). What’s more, as H0FL-ETHMUX V8 support SNMP,the monitor information of the network can be transmitted to the Ethernet network which makes the monitoring of the whole network easy. At the customer side, Huahuan’s H0FL-ETHMUX V801 is used to provide Ethernet service for users. 

 Huahuan products used in the solution: