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Leased Line Solution for Vietnam Telecom

22/01/2014 | Lượt xem: 371 | Viết bởi: admin


Currently, most of country and operator access layer network is still based on tradition PDH Optical Multiplexer, except some place which need high security requirement use SDH/MSTP.

Though, PDH network is not flexible, optical interface has no uniform standard rate. It is difficult to maintenance and sustainable development.

Operator can benefit from the new Leased Line Solution, it has more cost-effective, smooth expansion , the whole EMS and easy for maintenance.

 Topology of Huhuan Ethernet Leased Line solution for Vietnam Telecom:

Leased Line Solution for Vietnam Telecom













Compared with traditional solution, Huahuan’s new Ethernet Leased Line Solution features:

1. Auto-Follow mode: according to H0FL-P timeslot status, the remote H0FL-HF01100 can match the timeslot automatically.The customer can configure the N*64K service in central site only, no need come to CPE and operator site for any configuration

2. N*64K service can be configured through NMS or dip switch

3. NMS provide remote monitor, alarm function, and timeslot status monitor

4. Support Full-duplex PAUSE flow control   

5. Support Flow Statistics Function, Wrong packet statistics

6. Easy for maintenance and smooth expansion.

 Huahuan’s product used in the solution:H0FL-01100










HOFL-01100 Front view















HOFL-01100 back view