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Peoples Telecom ,Bangladesh

Beijing Huahuan Electronics  

Date:                2009-03

Customer:         Peoples Telecom ,Bangladesh 

Product:           H9MO-LMFIT,H0FL-EoS01/1101

Advantage:       Fully protection

 Peoples Telecom and Application:

 Peoples Telecommunication & Information Services Ltd. (Peoples Tel) is the successor company of Bangladesh Rural Telecom Authority (BRTA) Pvt Ltd. BRTA started its operation in 1989 with the responsibility to provide digital communication in 203 rural Thanas (smallest administrative area of Bangladesh) throughout North, North-East and North-West region of the country with the agreement from Bangladesh Telegraph & Telephone Board (BTTB).

 Application Background: 

 Peoples Tel was planning to deploy a low cost fiber system which can not only transmit Ethernet to the remote note but also carry traditional E1 service. Actually, fiber resource is not adequate in Bangladesh  for geographical reasons. PON is not the ideal selection for the FTTX, while SDH/MSTP is mature enough with protection for the Telecom Requirement.

HUAHUAN H9MO-LMFIT, together with cheap converter H9MO-LMFIT,H0FL-EoS01,H0FL-1101 can easily meet Peoples Telecom’s needs.

 Huahuan Solution:


















Huahuan products used in the solution:

 1. H9MO-LMFIT (SDH ADM Multiplexer)

2solution 3solution













2. H0FL-EoS01