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Vision and Mission

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  • C-LINK wishes to use knowledge, apply technology, along with aspiration for continuous development to bring legitimate benefits to its members and make practical contributions to society.
  •  Long-term goals
  •  To become the leading company in the field of providing telecommunications equipment and information technology with the largest market share in the whole territory of Vietnam.
  • An international brand, becoming a reliable partner of many major telecommunications equipment suppliers in the world.

Goals for 2019

  •  As one of the 10 largest distribution companies of telecommunications equipment and information technology in Vietnam.
  • Absolutely trusted by customers for product quality, price and service.
  • The company has a unique culture and the members are always happy, happy in life, trying their best at work, sticking to develop with the company.


  • Constantly making efforts, creating, researching to bring customers products and services with quality exceeding expectations.
  • Building a professional, friendly, united and fair working environment, creating conditions for each member to promote their full potential, contributing to C-LINK’s sustainable development.



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