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Optical Node

Node Quang Hai Chiều 2 Cửa AGC Field ZHT (ON-8604DM) C-LINK Phân Phối

ON-8604DM Four way AGC Field Optical Node

There is 3rd level luminescent tube optical power indication in the PIN photoelectric translating tube with high responsivity. So that the optical power indication is clear.
Node Quang

OFR-UOR-002 Optical Receiver

Electric integration RF module, Low noise, low distortion, low optical powerUsing high quality NXP or NEC module, make sure good C/N,C/CSO,C/CTB data for the network
Node 2 cửa hai chiều ZHT (WR8602JL) C-LINK Phân Phối

Node Two Ways WR8602JL

WR8602JL series optical AGC field optical receiver is a model of new generation of two-way optical receiver.
Node quang hai chiều 2 cửa (With AGC) ZHT (ON-802A) C-LINK Phân Phối

ON802A Two Ways Outdoor Bi-directional Optical Receiver (With AGC)

ON802A is the high-end 2 output CATV network optical receiver
Multifunctional Optical Receivers(OFR-MOR-004) C-LINK Phân Phối

Multifunctional Optical Receivers OFR-MOR-004

The receiver optical and power supply are integrated in one device. Suitable for setting up the network with low cost, small space.

ON802C Bi-directional Optical Receiver

ON802C Outdoor Bi-directional Optical Receiver is a 750MHz economical receiver with the outdoor waterproof structure

ON-802 Two Ways Outdoor Bi-directional Optical Receiver

ON-802 Two Ways Outdoor Bi-directional Optical Receiver is main optical node device designed for receiving fiber signal in HFC network

ON-870 Four Output Optical Node

ON-870 Four Output Optical node is a new exploitative bi-direction broadband optical node which combines the current HFC transferring network and international advanced technology
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