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4-ports USB to RS-232 HUB UT-860

With rapid development of computer industry, USB is taking the place of various kinds of traditional low speed peripheral interfaces. However, RS-232 interface designs are still used in many of the important facilities under current industrial environment, therefore, converter is used by many users to implement the data transmission from USB of a computer to RS-232 equipments.

Bộ Chuyển Đổi USB Ra 4 Cổng RS232 UTEK (UT-860) C-LINK Phân Phối

Bộ Chuyển Đổi USB Ra 4 Cổng RS232 UTEK (UT-860) C-LINK Phân Phối

UT-860 is a universal USB/RS-232 interface converter. No external power supply needed. Compatible with USB and RS-232 standards, UT-860 is capable to perform the conversion from single-ended USB signal into UART signal of RS-232. DB9 male connectors are used for connection from RS-232 interface. The unique I/O circuit of the internal zero delay auto transceiver contained in the converter controls the data stream direction automatically. The converter is plug-and-play. All these features ensure a universal application on all the existing communication software and hardware interfaces. The data communication rate can be as high as 300-921.6Kbps by the point-to-point communication by UT-860 interface. Power indicator light and data traffic indicator light are also available with the converter for malfunction indication. Conversion from USB to RS-232 is supported.

  1.  USB 2.0, compliable USB1.0;1.1
  2.  RS-232 in standard DB9 serial ports.
  3.  High Baud rate:> 2M BPS.
  4.  Working current:9-48VDC/350mA.
  5.  Automatic hand-shaking protocol supported.
  6.  Remote wake-up and power supply management supported.
  7.  USB line powered.
  8.  Communication from single-chip (ASIC) USB to serial port interface.
  9.  Working environment: -25℃ to 70℃, relative humidity 5% to 95%.
  10.  Windows95/98/2000/XP and NT-IMAG supported.

Download Datasheet: UT-860

Download Hướng dẫn: UT-860

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