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OFA-BPA-001 Built-front Power Amplifiers For Engine Room

Khuếch Đại Built-Front Power Amplifiers For Engine Room ZHT (OFA-BPA-001) C-LINK Phân Phối


1GHz working platform, high output, low distortion, excellent flatness in band 
Humanized display of using time, temperature, voltage, optical power and failure warning 
Built-in sound control circuit and a microcomputer automatically embedded blue front panel LCD display, accurate real-time monitoring of various working state amplifier, RF output power to ensure stability.
Excellent ability of multistage lightning protection, automatic temperature control and automatic power switching, ensure long-time stable and continuous working in an adverse environment. 
Beautiful 19-inch standard rack case, the structure of scientific and reasonable process, excellent overall performance indicators is an essential pre-amplifier for all CATV engine room. 
Intelligent: RG-45 Ethernet interface is optional, for implementing a monitor system under (GB/T 20030-2005 Specification of Equipment Management System of HFC Network).





Items Unit Technical Parameter
Frequency Band MHZ 45~750/862
Nominal Gain dB 18 20 26 30
Minimal Gain dB ≥18 ≥20 ≥26 ≥30
Nominal Output Power DBuV 96 98 104 108
Nominal Input Power DBuV 78
Max Output Power DBuV 110
Flatness In Band dB ±0. 5
Noise Coefficient dB ≤8
RF Reflection Loss dB ≥16
C/CTB dB ≥70 ≥69 ≥67 ≥61
C/CSO dB ≥66 ≥67 ≥64 ≥60
Gain Adjust Range dB 1~20dB adjustable continuously
Signal Hum Ratio % <2
Gain Stability dB ±0.5
Output Impedance Ω 75
Power Voltage V AC135~265 or AC35~90
Working Temperature -20~+50
Storage Temperature -30~+70

Test conditions: Measurement C/CTB and C/CSO indicators, during the 750MHz (112.25~743.25MHz)

frequency range, arrange 79th, PAL-D analog TV channel signal

Download datasheet: OFA-BPA-001

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