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CA-BA820 Bi-directional Trunk Amplifier

Khuếch đại trục hai chiều CA-BA820 ZHT (CA-BA820) C-LINK Phân Phối


Products Description

CA-BA820 Bi-directional Trunk Amplifier is special designed for satisfy the requirements of CATV HFC web structure expandation to the interactive service area .Its obverse is double module magnify, and its reverse is single module magnify, downlink bandwidth from 750MHz or 860MHz, and its uplink can be adjusted according to the subscriber’s practical condition .In order to adapt the network upgrade and regeneration in the future ,it adopts module structure each unit relatively independent ,and can be inserted ,pulled and replaced agility.Then the subscribers can pertinently choose them with the web’s practicality.Features860MHz、750MHz wide ,can satisfy the transmission of simulate and digital signal;
Has bilateral function ,make the web much more consummate; 
High target ,standard bilateral filter ,USE and interchange very conveniently; 
Supply various division ways;
Supply reverse magnify and obligate.



Item Unit Obverse Parameter Reverse Parameter
Work Frequency MHz 47 ~ 750/860(87 ~ 750/860) 5 ~ 35(5 ~ 65)
Operating Gain dB 26 ~ 30 15 ~ 21
Gain Adjust Range dB Fixed 1 3 5 7 …… Fixed 1 3 5 7 ……
Flatness In Band dB ±0.5 ±0.5
Input Level dBµV 72 75
Output Level dBµV 98 102 90 96
Noise Figure dB 8 8
CSO dB 70 66  
CTB dB 75 67  
Return Loss dB 16  
Carrier Hum Ratio dB 66  
Shock Resist Voltage KV 5(10/700µS)  
Power Voltage V AC60/AC220(50Hz)  

Download datasheet: CA-BA820

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