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Tủ phối quang tập trung ODF-IR

Tủ phối quang tập trung ODF-IR C-LINK Phân Phối

Tủ phối quang tập trung ODF-IR C-LINK Phân Phối


Products ODF-IR serial is used to protect, distribute and manage information and communication system using optical fiber. The optical connection points, system of fiber optic cable telecommunications center, the office will greatly ease the management and distribution of each small module. ODF-IR Serial can be upgraded up to 960- capacity optical path. With a simple interface for ease of use, which helps network managers save time in the maintenance system for customers


Telecommunications subscriber loop  :  LAN/WAN
Fiber to the home (FTTH)                        : CATV

This frame is made of top quality steel and deformed aluminum alloy and treated with galvanizing, oxidation andelectrostatic plastic spraying. 
The frame has solid structure and pleasing appearance.
Fully-closed structure with the advantages of good performance of dust-proof, pleasing and neat appearance.
Enough space for fiber distribution and storage space and very easy for installation and operations.
Fully front side operation, convenient for maintenances. Minimum bend radius is controlled of 40mm.
The optional cable inlet system is installed on the top of the frame which has excellent performances for fixing theincoming cables.
Cables can be entered to the frame either from the top or the bottom of the frame subject to different requirements.
This frame is suitable for both bundle (loose) cables and ribbon type cables.
Reliable cable fixture cover and earth protection device provided.
Standard size, light weight and reasonable structure
Various panel plate to fit different adapter interface
Easy for management and operation.

Accessories installed:
Splice protector tube, Sticky cincture, Sticky cincture, Cables ties, Hose clamp, Sealing washer, Plugs, Tapecollar gauge, Marking note, Hanging hook, Allen wrench, Insulate robber belt.


ODF Module installed:

Model cabinet Module ODF model Specifications Max PDF module Max Capacity(FC,SC) Max Capcity(LC)
ODF-R24 24 core,Rack 19inch,2 tray 12core,2U 16PCS 384 core 768 core
ODF-R36 36 core,Rack 19inch,2 tray 12core,2U 16PCS 576 core 1152 core
ODF-R48 48 core,Rack 19inch,2 tray 12core,3U 10PCS 480 core 960 core
ODF-R72 72 core,Rack 19inch,2 tray 12core,4U 8PCS 576 core 1152 core
ODF-R96 96 core,Rack 19inch,2 tray 12core,5U 6PCS 576 core 1152 core
ODF-R144 144 core,Rack 19inch,2 tray 12core,7U 4PCS 576 core 1152 core

ODF module ODF-R Serial:         

Model cabinet Module ODF model Specifications Max ODF module Max Capacity(FC,SC) Max Capacity(LC)
ODF-IR2284 ODF-RD48 48core,rack 19inch,1U 32PCS 1536 core 3078 core
ODF-IR2293 ODF-RD96 96core,rack 19inch,2U 16PCS 1536 core 3078 core
ODF-ỈR2294 ODF-RD144 144core rack 19inch,3U 10PCS 1440 core 288 core

ODF module ODF-RD Serial: 
Infomation Order:  

Model Specifications
ODF-IR2284 2200×800×400, 47U
ODF-IR2293 2200×900×300, 47U
ODF-IR2294 2200x900x400, 47U


Download Datasheet : ODF-IR

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