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V.35/E1 Converter – Model: H0FL-0135

V.35/E1 Converter ZHT (PC-0135 V.35/E1) C-LINK Phân Phối


Excellent performance in jitter limit and transmission features of E1 port. Excel standard requirements

E1 channels comply with ITU-T G .703, with loop back test function

Several interface rates (N×64K,1≤N≤32) and modes (DTE and DCE) are supported. Several clock selections (DCE internal clock, DCE E1 line clock and DTE V.35 interface clock), the 16th time slot for signaling selectable Support framed and unframed work mode.

Fit for connections of data end equipment such as router with V.35 port through E1 channels, for the V35 service via E1 channels extension in DDN network.

Alarm indications  equipment and line performance supervision are provided

Work with the module 0135 inserted in H0FL-Pin local side, Network console software can be provided to fulfill remote control.

Technical Specifications 




Converter  underframed or framed V.35to E1 interface

E1 interface

Comply with ITU-T G.703Bt rate : 2048kbit/s±50ppmCode: HDB3Imput impedance: 75Ω and 120Ω

V35 interface

Comply with ITU-T V35/V36Interface speed: Nx64kbit/s, 1≤N31; unframed:  2048kbit/sWork mode: DCE, DTE optional

Power supply

AC or DC optionalDC-48V (-38V~ -72V)AC ~ 220V(100V~260V)




WxHxD(mm): 185x35x138


Temperature: 0~45°C

Humidity  ≤ 90%

Download datasheet: H0FL-0135

Hướng dẫn sử dụng: H0FL-0135

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