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Măng xông quang 1in-1out – Model: FOSC-H006


Detailed Product Description

1.Fiber optic splice closure 
2.small volume & water proof 
3.max. 72fiber 
5.good quality & price

 Fiber Optic Splice Closure

Item: FOSC-H006

FOSC-H006 – Horizontal fiber optic splice closure provides space and protection for the fiber optic cable splicing and joint. It’s watr & dust proof and suitable for aerial, duct, wall-mounted or buried applications. 


1.High quality PC, ABS, PPR material optional

2.Used in straight-through & brandch application for cables of bundle fiber and ribbon fiber

3.Trays can be increased or reduced according to application

4.Perfect outline, thunder, erosion & aging resistance

5.Strong and reasonable structure with mechanical sealing structure filled with silicon rubber material

6.It can be opend after sealing and can be reused


+ Aerial-hanger

+ Wall-mounted

+ Directly-buried

Dimension and capacity

Outside dimension(LxWxH)   300x200x90mm 
Weight(excluding outside box)  1.45Kg
Number of inlet/outlet ports  2 pieces
Diameter of fiber cable 12mm—14mm
Capacity of FOSC 72cores
Adapter and holes of Front Panel 1-2pcs of adapter panel, each can accommodate 6 FC adapters
1pc of adapter panel, each can accommodate 12 SC adapters
1pc of adapter panel, each can accommodate 12 ST adapters
1pc of adapter panel, each can accommodate 12 LC adapters.


Order Information

Model Material Dimension(cm) Weight(kg) Cable entry ports Cable diameter(mm) Max. capacity of fibers
FOSC-H001 ABS 40*20*11 2.6 2in&2out φ7-φ18 120
FOSC-H002 ABS 46*20*11 3 2in&2out φ7-φ18 120
FOSC-H003 PC 39*16*8 2 3in&3out φ7-φ14 48
FOSC-H004 ABS/PC 46.5*18*12 2.8 3in&3out φ7-φ15 96
FOSC-H005 ABS/PC 46.5*18.5*12 2.7 2in&2out φ7-φ16 96
FOSC-H006 ABS 30*20*9 1.45 1in&1out φ12-φ14 72
FOSC-H007 PC 24*18*8 0.9 1in&2out φ8-φ14 48
FOSC-H008 PC 24*18*8 0.9 1in&2out φ8-φ14 48



1. FOSC-H006 accommodates one set of elastic seal fitting for several inlet/outlet ports which depends on how many ports are chosen.

2. Installation accessories provided: 1pc of special wrenches, abrasive cloth, earthing wire, nylon ties, labeling paper and a pack of desiccant.

3. Accessories by customers’ selection: adapter panel, earthing device, buffer pipe for bunchy fiber, pressure testing valve, pigtail, patchcord, aerial hook or wall-mounting fixer.

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